Banana Sesame Sushi


By Emily

Have you tried our 3-2-1 Crepes from Sugarproof yet? If not, see page 284 for this easy, versatile recipe. They are great topped with berries, sliced fruit, or one of our Simple Compotes (page 339). We also love them with savory toppings like avocado, smoked salmon, and arugula, and the green variation of the crepes where you blend spinach or herbs into the batter is especially delicious with these savory options. Honestly though, my kids sometimes ask for the crepes plain or just with just peanut butter when we have them for breakfast, which is fine with me as well.

But we have just discovered an especially fun way to eat them: make this quick Banana Sesame Sushi. You can make the crepes ahead of time and then the sushi is so fast to assemble for breakfast or snack.

For this banana sushi I made the crepes with dark millet flour, but you can use many different types of flour, which is another reason I love this flexible recipe. We often make them with buckwheat flour in my house. Whole wheat or all-purpose gluten free flours work well too. You can also use whatever type of milk you prefer: regular or plant-based.

To make the sushi, simply take one of the 3-2-1 Crepes, spread it with tahini (or your favorite nut or seed butter or cream cheese), peel a banana and place it along the rim following the curve of the crepe, roll it up, slice it, and sprinkle the slices with sesame seeds.

My 9 year old was so excited about this sushi that after having it for breakfast, he also requested it for an after school snack. We hope you enjoy it as much as he did — please post pics on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @sugarproofkids.

For our 3-2-1 Crepe recipe and more, see our book, found here or anywhere books are sold.

For more recipes like this one, see our book Sugarproof, available here or anywhere books are sold.


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