Tips for Enjoying Holiday Goodies Without a Sugar Overload


Now that the holidays are coming into full swing, we thought we would share some of our favorite tips for enjoying the festivities without overdoing it on sugar. As always, our philosophy is one of moderation — it’s important that you and your family enjoy your favourite treats and not feel deprived or restricted. Here […]

Sugarproof Your Halloween


For most, Halloween is more than just one event on the evening of October 31st. Instead, Halloween typically means the accumulation of large amounts of candy that can linger around the house for weeks to come. Now is a good time not only to think about how to celebrate safely this year, but also to […]

Sourdough Pizza Toasts


Many of you have asked for more ideas for easy lunches, so I thought I would share something really simple that my kids have been taking to school. These quick sourdough pizza toasts are a fun addition to lunch and provide some variety if your kids are getting tired of sandwiches. They only take 5-7 […]

Easy Sugarproof Smoked Almonds, Two Ways


By Emily Sometimes when we are on the road, my kids like to get smoked almonds from convenience stores or gas stations. I don’t mind that they have these on occasion as I find them to be better options than some of the other snacks in those type of stores (like candy), but the smoked […]

Pickled Probiotic Veggies for Boosting Gut Health and Immune Strength


This quick and easy recipe for fermented carrot sticks and cauliflower florets is a great way to include veggies and probiotics in your children’s diet and promote their gut health. And as it turns out, it is also a convenient way to prep veggies in advance so they are ready to put in lunchboxes the […]

Homemade Vegetable Stock: No waste, no sugar, and no other additives


Many stock cubes and pre-prepared broths have sugar and other additives like MSG in them. By making your own using this easy method, you skip those, save money, reduce waste, and have less to carry home from the store! This is a no-waste broth because you use vegetable and herb trimmings that you collect little […]

Could Your Child’s Tummy Troubles Be Due To Too Much Sugar?


Too much sugar can have broad effects on kids’ bodies and kids can be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of too much sugar. Growing kids can have delicate digestive systems. Upset stomachs, aching tummies, and other maladies are hallmarks of childhood, and too much sugar may be a silent contributor to this problem. If […]

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